Quoc Tuan An Binh Industrial Park: Top-choice investment destination in Viet Nam  General information 

General information

Quoc Tuan – An Binh Industrial Park
Quoc Tuan – An Binh Industrial Park

As the next project of An Phat Holdings, Quoc Tuan – An Binh Industrial Park is expected to have great potential in the future, where it will attract investors from many sectors such as electronics, food and beverage (F&B), plastic, injection molding, etc. thanks to existing outstanding advantages. The goal of Quoc Tuan An Binh Industrial Park is to become the top-choice destination for customers, offer career opportunities to workers, and to become the leading High-tech, environmentally friendly Industrial Park in Hai Duong.

Quoc Tuan An Binh Industrial Park will be put into operation in 2021, 100% of the industrial land area in phase 1 will be filled in 2025. Labor in the Industrial Park is about 12,000 workers (with the target 80-1,000 workers per hectare), attracting 50-70 manufacturing plant. After being put into operation, Quoc Tuan An Binh Industrial Park is expected to bring socio-economic benefits to the locality, including attracting domestic and foreign investment, promoting economic development and urbanization in the province, create jobs, contribute to the national budget…


Quoc Tuan Industrial Park – An Binh is located adjacent to the West of Highway 37 (NH37) at section Km69, in the administrative boundary of 3 communes Quoc Tuan, An Binh, An Lam of Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province. With a prime location, this industrial park has great potential in the future thanks to:

  • Convenient location for road, river and railway traffic.
  • The natural conditions are suitable for the construction of industrial zones.
  • The land has a good shape, convenient in the arrangement of functional areas as well as the land lot for plants construction.
  • The industrial park has abundant workforce, trained locally and in surrounding areas with industrial development such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh and Hung Yen.
  • Traffic advantage:

To the city center of Hanoi: 70 km

To Noi Bai international airport: 82 km

To the city center of Hai Phong: 50 km

To Hai Phong port: 46km

To Bac Ninh: 45km

To Bac Giang: 54km

To Thai Nguyen: 100km

Prioritized Industries

Similar to An Phat Complex industrial park in Viet Hoa ward, Hai Duong city, An Binh – Quoc Tuan Industrial Park has a list of priority industries to attract investment in line with the industrial development orientation of the province. including:

  • Electronics and supporting industries
  • Consumer goods industries
  • Mechanical industries
  • Other light industries

Operation duration

The operation duration of the project is 50 years from February 17, 2021

Development plan

Appraised in September 2019 with a total planned land area of ​​180 hectares for phase 1, Quoc Tuan – An Binh Industrial Park is divided into functional areas as follows:

  • Operation and service center

The central area is built in a concentrated form, including: office of the industrial park management and executive boards, taxation, customs, banking, post office, fire protection, services such as exhibition, medical center, training center… The front of the central area facing the main road of the industrial park, adjacent to Highway 37. In addition, a complex including: public area – commercial service area – housing for workers serving the industrial park is proposed with a total area about 17ha.

  • Complex zones and manufacturing plants

The land for the construction of factories and warehouses occupies most of the industrial park area. And the land plot subdivision planning for industrial enterprises is arranged on the basis of the identified traffic network organizational orientation. The allocated land plots have an area of ​​2 – 4 ha and are planned to ensure flexibility in division or merger to suit the purpose of use, scale and technology of each type of industry while meeting other requirements of investors.

According to the proposed plan, the scale of the industrial park will be expanded by 360 hectares in Phase II after the land area of ​​Phase I is filled.


Quoc Tuan – An Binh Industrial Park has a well-developed infrastructure, ensuring the operation of companies and factories in the area.

  • Electricity

The estimated electricity demand of the whole area is 36.08 MVA and ensures adequate supply.

Currently, available 110KV power grid near the Industrial Park includes: 110KV Hai Duong transmission line to Pha Lai; 110KV Pha Lai goes to Lai Khe and the 110KV Hai Duong transmission line to Lai Khe. In the future, 110kV 2x25MVA station will be built to supply electricity for the whole area.

  • Water supply

In the south of the industrial park, about 3,5 km from the industrial park, there is Nam Sach water plant with a design capacity of 20,000 m3 per day and night. In the north, An Binh water plant project with a capacity of about 30,000 m3 per day is being implemented.

And to take initiative in clean water, the Industrial Park plans to build its own water plant, located in the Northeast location, taking water from the Kinh Thay River.

  • Wastewater treatment

The wastewater treatment station with a capacity of 4,100 m3 per day is designed and invested to ensure all the needs of the whole area.