Singaporean Giant Invests 6,100 Billion VND to Build Factory at An Phat 1

Recently, the Singaporean investor Biel Crystal (Singapore) Private Limited received an investment certificate with a total investment capital of nearly 6,100 billion VND on an area of 20.2 hectares in the An Phat 1 High-Tech Industrial Zone (Nam Sach, Hai Duong).

According to the Hai Duong Industrial Zones Authority,  Biel Crystal (Singapore) Private Limited has been approved to deploy a project to establish Biel Crystal Technology Manufacturing Co .,Ltd in An Phat High-Tech Industrial Park No.1, with an investment capital of nearly 6,100 billion VND, covering 20.2 hectares of land.

According to this Singaporean investor, the project aims to annually produce nearly 121 million glass products, over 121 million optical devices and tools, 154 million plastic products; and classify and test nearly 123 million glass surfaces. If the project operates at full capacity, it will employ about 15,000 laborers, including 400 foreigners , the rest being locals.

The investor stated that after receiving the investment certificate, the company will quickly deployed, built, and completed all components, purchasing equipment and machinery to bring the project into operation in Q2 of 2025.

Investor Biel Crystal (Singapore) Private Limited will utilize 20.2 hectares of land within the An Phat 1 Industrial Park (Nam Sach, Hai Duong)

Earlier, at the regular  meeting on Sep 20, Mr. Trieu The Hung, Chairman of the Hai Duong People’s Committee, affirmed that the province is always ready to facilitate investors. However, Hai Duong determined that economic growth must be proportional to the happiness index of the people. Therefore, investment projects must be rigorously and strictly evaluated for environmental criteria. The Singaporean company’s large investment project must have an environmental impact assessment by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Additionally, An Phat 1 Industrial Park is also committed to upgrading its wastewater treatment system to meet the requirements of this project in particular and other secondary projects in the park in general. Taking provincial guidance into account, both units have quickly completed evaluation procedures and have been approved by Hai Duong Province.

An Phat 1 has a total investment capital of nearly 2,000 billion VND, sponsored by An Phat High-Technology Industrial Park .,JSC, with a vision to become a high-tech industrial park and is expected to attract 25-30 secondary investment projects, providing stable employment for local and neighboring laborers.

High-precision plastic component manufacturing at An Trung Industries, part of An Phat Industrial Park

So far, An Phat 1 has granted investment certificates for 10 projects with a total registered investment capital of up to 500 million USD, nine of which are foreign direct investments.

By 2024 and the first and second quarters of 2025, when 18 companies in An Phat 1 Industrial Park become operational, an estimated 27,000 laborers will be needed. Of these, Biel Crystal Technology Manufacturing Co .,Ltd will require the most, up to 15,000 laborers, and CE LINK Vietnam Co .,Ltd (in electronics) will require over 10,000.

According to Mr. Trieu The Hung, Chairman of Hai Duong People’s Committee, with the motto “the success of the enterprise is also the success of the province, all difficulties of the enterprise are shared and solved,” he affirms that the province is committed to continuously being friendly, supporting investors and businesses, creating the most favorable conditions for them to invest and do business.