An Phat Holdings successfully completes consultancy programme of MoIT and Samsung Vietnam

An Phat Holdings has achieved outstanding results at the consulting programme of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Samsung Vietnam.

An Phat Holdings completes consultancy programme of MoIT and Samsung Vietnam
An Phat Holdings completes consultancy programme of MoIT and Samsung Vietnam

On September 24, An Phat Holdings organised the closing ceremony of the consulting programme for the improvement of Vietnamese businesses in Hai Duong. The programme was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) and Samsung Vietnam, with the closing ceremony held at Vietnam Pattern Manufacture and Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd. (VMC) – a member of An Phat Holdings.

VMC participated in the programme for two months (July 29-September 24), and achieved excellent results.

The consulting project is the result of an MoU on supporting enterprises in Hai Duong between the MoIT and Samsung Vietnam in February. An Phat Holdings was highlighted as a major force behind the rise of the supporting industry in the province by pioneering the application of high-technology and increasing the localisation ratio of its products.

The programme is implemented at five businesses, including VMC.

During the two months of co-operating with Samsung, VMC implemented reforms in numerous areas, including buildingseparate lapping department, upgrading Jig Erowa, 5Sand restructuring numerous departments.

After this consulting course, VMC improved its manufacturing capacity and controlling the quality, levelling up product supply standards, and controlling the moulds capacity.

These achievements will create a basis for the long-term and sustainable development of An Phat Holdings and VMC in term of mould segment, one of the group’s core operations.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dinh Xuan Cuong, Vice chairman, CEO of An Phat Holdings expressed his appreciation of Samsung Vietnam, the MoiT, and Hai Duong’s People’s Committee for accompanying the five enterprises. He also expressed his hope that Samsung Vietnam would continue to issue supporting programmes for enterprises.

Cuong also hopes that after the project there will be more cooperation between Samsung and businesses in the province, including An Phat Holdings.

Also at the ceremony, Choi Jo Hoo, president of Samsung Vietnam said, “VMC was the first of all enterprises joining this programme to achieve 2 levelling up of improvement in production capacity and quality control. Moulding is the root of the manufacturing industry, I hope that with the support from the Vietnamese government, VMC will continue to enhance its competitiveness as well as quality management system.”

In the past two years, An Phat Holdings and Samsung Vietnam have been fast partners in promoting the development of supporting industries. In 2019, two members of An Phat Holdings – Hanoi Plastics and An Trung Industries – also successfully completed the consulting programme, with An Trung Industries currently part of the Samsung supply chain.

An Phat Holdings is the leading high-tech enterprise in Hai Duong with a system of modern factories and first-class equipment. In the supporting industry, An Phat Holdings has two enterprises in the province, An Trung Industries and VMC, with the latter projected to become a leader in the Vietnamese mould industry.


Vietnam pattern manufacture and precision mechanical co., ltd. (VMC) factory located in An Phat Complex industrial park.
An Phat Complex is one of two key industrial park projects of An Phat High-Tech Industrial Park Co., Ltd. – a member of An Phat Holdings. Currently, An Phat Complex provides:
Industrial land: 10 ha of vacant land ready for handover.
Ready-built factory: 20,000 m2 with electricity and water supply system right outside the factory.
Commercial – service land: 2.8 ha of land for service business activities



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