An Phat 1 Industrial Park

This is a project of An Phat High-Tech Industrial Park No.1 JSC (a member of An Phat High-Technology Industrial Park JSC), officially approved by Government. On 17th February 2021, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has signed a decision on investment of infrastructure development of An Phat 1 Industrial Park (old name: Quoc Tuan An Binh Industrial Park) at Nam Sach district, Hai Duong. 

An Phat 1 IP is located at Km69, National Road No.37 which is filled with promising opportunities. The Industrial Park is expected to be an important transshipment point in the economic corridor of Northern Vietnam. Besides, with abundant local human resources, investors can be absolutely assured when investing in manufacturing here.

With an area of 180 hectares in phase I, we strive to provide more than what we have in the previous project, keep growing to become the next ideal destination for investors and create more future career opportunities for the workers. We will also hold tight our motto – to sustain high-tech and environmentally friendly Industrial Parks in Hai Duong Province.”

Industrial Land

The area planned for industrial purposes is 125 hectares with:
+ Maximum construction ratio: 60%
+ Maximum number of construction floors: 2-3 floors

Commercial Land

The area planned for commercial and services purposes is 39 hectares.

Urban - Accommodation Service Area

To serve An Phat 1 Industrial Park, we are planning a well-concentrated building to meet long-term accommodation and entertainment needs of professionals and workers, including
+ Urban - Accommodation Service for workers
+ The front of the central area is adjacent to National Road No.37 with the planned area in phase I of up to 17 ha