An Phat High-Tech Industrial Park No1., JSC signed official land sublease agreement and handed over land to Credible Vietnam CO., LTD

On November 6, 2023, the land sublease agreement signing ceremony between An Phat High-tech Industrial Park No. 1 Joint Stock Company and Credible Vietnam Company Limited took place at Credible’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

Following the signing ceremony, CEO of An Phat 1, Mr. Pham Van Tuan, and CEO of Credible, Mr. Huang Guo Quan, engaged in a tea ceremony to discuss the project’s progress and the future collaborative opportunities for both parties.

The land handover of 8ha within An Phat 1 Industrial Park initiates Credible Vietnam’s substantial investment of USD 20 million into a project focused on the production of paper products, with operational commencement targeted for Q4/2025. The investment registration certificate was granted in September 2023 by the Hai Duong Industrial Zones Authority, signaling confidence in the project’s potential to significantly bolster the socio-economic landscape of Hai Duong Province by enhancing economic conditions and creating valuable employment opportunities.

Additionally, the production project at An Phat 1 Industrial Park offers numerous benefits for Credible Vietnam Co., Ltd. With its strategic location at Km 72, National Highway 37, in the Nam Sach District of Hai Duong Province—situated within the northern economic golden triangle—the industrial park ensures seamless connectivity to critical points. An Phat 1 Industrial Park boasts modern and comprehensive infrastructure, fulfilling the demands for safe and sustainable production by investors. Furthermore, our all-encompassing one-stop service, currently being rolled out, will help businesses save time and costs when investing in production within the industrial zone.